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This is how feeling better begins. 
Everyone has powerful ways of caring for themselves.  But sometimes we need someone to sit by our side, listen very closely and help us find our way back to ourselves.  While I work with people of all ages, I have a unique experience and a niche expertise for working with individuals under the age of 40.   
  • Balancing career demands with personal goals can be overwhelming, especially in the fast paced culture of New York City.
  • Struggling to get pregnant or losing a child is devastating. A deeply personal experience that can be hard for friends to fully understand.
  • An unforeseen medical diagnosis at a young age is life altering in many ways.
  • Grieving a parent or a spouse, when there were so many significant milestones still to come, is an uncommon loss at this time in your life. 
  • Navigating the natural shifts in identity after having a baby can be a complex and often unexpected process.   
Your 20s and 30s can be an exciting time in many people's lives. It can also be stressful, overwhelming, pressured and filled with complex emotions. Unexpected losses, challenging life transitions or unanticipated turns in the road complicate and interrupt these important and busy years.   
As a highly engaged therapist, I believe in the restorative power of therapy.  When we start working together, you will learn new skills to use when you encounter stressful situations. And, by becoming more aware of what drives your worry, sadness or uncertainty you will begin to learn your best way of approaching situations that would otherwise be uncomfortable for you. 

Finding a good fit with your therapist is very important. Take some time to get to know me and feel free to send any questions you may have about our initial meeting. 

I look forward to working with you. 

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