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About Me | New York, NY

I am an interactive therapist with a highly personalized approach.  I help clients build on their personal strengths and to feel more grounded, more fulfilled and experience more joy in their lives. 

I'm not a sit back and nod kind of therapist.  I have a lot of energy and use my hands when I talk.  My questions help me understand you.  And because I "think in pictures", I use metaphors quite a bit as a way of helping us both clearly understand what you are experiencing (and possibly visualize the road ahead).  I watch how humor can help us tolerate and balance heavier emotions.  But silence doesn't feel awkward to me; often the most powerful moments in my office are when no one is saying anything at all.  

Many of my clients have commented to me about my warmth and the general feeling of acceptance they feel in my office.  I have been described as straight forward, an active listener and a strong advocate.  

I believe in your future, I really do.  And while I can't walk in your shoes I can walk alongside you, listen closely and work to understand what today must be like for you.  

Before starting my practice, I was the Director of Young Adult Programming at CancerCare - www.cancercare.org.  I have a extensive experience working with people, facing an unforseen medical diagnosis, at a younger age.  Within that work, I have sat with countless individuals who find themselves reevaluating their professional goals, feeling insecure about how to begin dating and grieving the unexpected loss of not having biological children. 

I continue present regularly to professionals, caregivers and survivors on a range of issues related to being young and impacted cancer.

While I work with people of any age, I have unique epxerience and a niche expertise in working with individuals under the age of 40.  When you're working toward building a career, forming special relationships and starting a family, unexpected turns in the road are difficult. I have published and presented on the distinct differences of providing support to individuals under the age of 40 and continue to develop training guidelines for working with this age group.   

Columbia University, School of Social Work (New York, NY) - Masters of Science
Miami University (Oxford, OH) - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

License, Certifications & Awards:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (New York State)
Supervision in Field Instruction (SIFI) certified supervisor
Nominated for NASW :"Emerging Leaders in Social Work" Award - 2009

Professional Affiliations:
Steering Committee of The LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance
National Association of Social Work

Notable Publications & Presentations:
SELF Magazine - Breast Cancer Handbook (2006 & 2010)

The American Psychosocial Society (APOS) 2010 Annual Conference: "Psychosocial Issues for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients: Research and Clinical Practice"

Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) 2008 Annual Conference: “Getting to the C.O.R.E of Working with Young Adults”

The Cancer Institute of New Jersey & The New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research: “Closing the Gap for Young Adults with Cancer” - 2007

Crazy, Sexy Cancer Survivor: More Rebellion for your Healing Journey by Kris Carr (skirt! first edition, September 2008

Cancer Changes Everything: A Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s by Kairol Rosenthal (Wiley, first edition, February 2009)


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